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How to give your business that Critical Competitive Edge

you’ve been looking for

When you can outsource your drafting, estimating and other services you can save tens of thousands of dollars every year vs. hiring a draftsman or estimator.  Think about how that could impact your business.

  • If you’re a small business wanting to increase capacity and compete at a higher level, that extra cash flow could make or break your momentum.

  • If you’re an emerging company wanting to re-allocate resources and generate more revenue, the cost savings in this area will boost your bottom line at just the right time.

  • If you’re a large corporation wanting to increase operational and revenue efficiency, this cost savings is just what your operating budget could use.

Builders Aide helps you eliminate the cost of hardware, software, training, office space, utilities, and office related expenses.

While your competitors are doing it the old, expensive way, you’ll be enjoying major cost efficiencies and moving your business ahead faster than ever.

Whether you're outsourcing a single piece of the home plans design or the complete pre-production process, we're available to help you...from concept to completion.  

But don’t wait another day to start experiencing these significant savings.

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Your search for CAD drafting support is over

We have experience in all phases of the residential drafting and engineering processes; plus Builders Aide also offers help with ResCheck and we have excellent 3D CAD capabilities from 3D modeling to home rendering to virtual home tours.

ü  Small entrepreneurs can refocus their energy to take on more clients.

ü  Mid-size firms can re-allocate resources to projects that will generate revenue.

ü  Large firms can improve margins and efficiencies on projects of all sizes.

We’re in the middle of an economic revolution, where networking and globalization have become the norm, and outsourcing drafting has never been so easy, convenient and affordable as it is right now.

Companies who are serious about gaining a foothold for future growth have already started riding the CAD outsourcing wave.

Look at all the ways that CAD outsourcing can benefit your business:

Minimizes capital expenditures

Improves efficiency by keeping you focused on your core business

Reduces office expenditures

Saves on manpower and training costs

Improves speed and service

Avoids the cost of chasing technology

Increases customer satisfaction

Allows you to be more reliable and innovative

Ready to make the move, save thousands and grab your competitive edge?

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