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Imagine being able to see what your project will look like before the first nail is driven…

Having this ability to “see it before you build it” is what sets us apart, and you deserve nothing less…

At Builders Aide we draft & design in 2D & 3D CAD, and we have a free viewer that enables you to see everything in true 3D.

Think of it:  being able to do a virtual home tour of your structure on the outside and an in-depth virtual walk-through on the inside.

You’ll be able to see every feature exactly as it will look when finished.

Can you start to see all the ways your sales team can use this technology?

When your prospect can actual see their dream home in such vivid detail, and in 3D design no less, you’ll be skyrocketing your conversion rate.  I can’t imagine a customer walking away from their dream home when it’s right in front of them.

Take advantage of our 30 years of experience in all phases of construction

As estimators, project managers, tradesman, subcontractors, draftsmen and residential designers for over 30 years we’ve seen and done it all.

This means that you’re in excellent hands when it comes to drafting plans that are contractor friendly, as well as meeting the highest standards of our industry.

You can count on Builders Aide for:

  • Highly accurate estimates and bills of material
  • A field proven estimating service that will reduce your overhead from wrong material being delivered or from the delays of missed items.
  • Delivery of your estimates in Excel format, making it an easy link to your database
  • Value engineered housing blueprints ensuring a smoother running construction process
  • A marked increase in profits





We’re proud to be recipients of the Constructec Vision Award

This elite industry award honors construction and engineering firms that have solved critical business issues though the use of innovative technology solutions. Your business deserves to work with a firm that can “walk the talk”.

Put the most powerful drafting design and estimating technology to work for you

Imagine your sales, design, and construction operations working together with laser-like precision, knowing that the correct information is in their hands at all times.  That’s what it’s like with Builders Aide.

We use Argos by Vertex: a revolutionary new 3D CAD software solution for drafting and estimating building and architectural applications.

It uses real building elements to model the house drawing in every detail...exactly like it will be built.

What this means for you is you’ll receive the most accurate residential house design, housing blueprints, renderings, and estimates possible.

Don’t leave your business in the hands of anything less than the best, most proficient, experienced and accurate firm available. Builders Aide.


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Get a critical competitive edge

See what your project will look like

Get a detailed takeoff